JB Drake 2 colour-scaledJames Barrington Drake (he prefers J.B. or James, but not Barrington, never Barrington) is a London lad through and through, and has been living in the glorious City for as long as he can remember.

He wrote his first novel in his late teens, a novel his younger self was convinced was the greatest work of fiction ever written since, well, ever. But given his magnanimous nature, he chose to not have it published, and instead followed other pursuits (it definitely wasn’t out of laziness).

The writer’s itch never left him, however, and it wasn’t long before he was penning more novels and short works of fiction (though he probably needs to polish some of these up before publishing). His favoured genre has always been fantasy, be it urban, high or epic, and he devours each fantasy story that crosses his path with a voracious appetite.

Most days, he can be found sat behind a desk typing away at his work computer, fixing client issues, while at night he’s sat at his home desk typing away happily on the latest story, or whiling away the time cackling maniacally as he gets up to some untold mischief in some MMO or other. All that sitting’s probably not doing him a world of good, but at least he’s happy.