beggars-wrath-scaledSome things just can’t be forgiven.

The plan worked, its execution flawless. Tip and Marshalla are hunted no longer. With the living essence of the chronodragon Anieszirel safe within Tip, the pair look to a brighter future within the Shimmering Tower, eager to put the nightmares behind them at last.

There are those for whom Tip and Marshalla’s misdeeds can never be forgotten, however, let alone forgiven, and from the shadows, these vengeful few weave a web that will see the pair dead and their allies broken.

Oblivious to the threat gathering around them, the pair look to a new life free of their former burdens, yet ignorant of the noose tightening about their necks.

With the element of surprise theirs, their enemies have the upper hand. The end seems all but certain for the pair. But Tip and Marshalla have Anieszriel, and that is one dragon you do not cross.

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