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No secret stays buried forever.

The three stand victorious once more. Their enemies lie scattered, and Anieszirel’s presence remains a secret. But their victory comes at a price. An ancient entity, chained and forgotten, now stirs within Tip. Its power is terrifying, its evil horrifying. Its hold upon the child grows.

Determined to free him from this entity, Anieszirel and Marshalla journey to Kirsk, a city from Tip’s past. They must learn all they can about the entity, and how long before it claims Tip’s body for its own.

Except there is one from Tip’s past who knows of the entity’s evil. He is determined to rid the world of entity and vessel, but has yet to find the child. It’s into his domain the women journey.

Oblivious of this hunter, the women search for answers, unaware that one misstep will instead earn them all a swift death.