adazing-version2In the seedy world of Merethia’s underworld, not everyone with a smile is an ally. 

The elven city of Merethia is a wondrous place where dreams come true—for some. From the dirty streets they tread to the darkened alleys they lay their heads, life in Merethia for Marshalla and Tip is little more than a daily fight for survival.

But in Merethia, even they dream, and Marshalla dreams for they both to share in Merethia’s wealth. It is a dream she holds dear, one she is determined to make real by any means.

There is a cost, of course, a price for every plot. They bear this without fail until the last one, until the betrayal that leaves Tip with blood on his hands and they both running for their lives.

With enemies around every corner, both Marshalla and Tip must turn to each other and what few friends they have to survive the chaos. Except, this is Merethia. Not everyone with a smile is an ally.

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