The Tower knows.

The spectre of Tip’s past has been put to rest at last. The cost was high, but now the friends look to the future with hope.

There are other secrets the friends keep, however, that have also taken their toll. For one in particular, the secret of Anieszirel’s freedom has been especially crushing, and as his despair becomes unbearable, he does the unthinkable. He tells.

The revelation is devastating, shaking the Shimmering Tower to its foundations and turning those who once swore to protect Tip and Marshalla to now hunt them without mercy.

The friends’ worst nightmare has come true, their hopes destroyed. They must now abandon the life they’ve grown to love and seek refuge far from Merethia. Except they are hunted by the Shimmering Tower, the people who sealed Anieszirel away in the first place. None, not even the Kin-Slayer, has escaped their wrath before.