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Tirinel (shared August 27th 2020)

Fern (shared September 29th 2020)

Eliran (shared October 27th 2020)

Arinelle (shared November 30th 2020)

Netia (shared December 31st 2020)

Tirin (shared January 30th 2021)

Nerrol (shared February 27th 2021)

Nedina (shared April 18th 2021)

Nadrea (shared May 29th 2021)

Nentille (shared June 29th 2021)

Mezrah (shared July 31st 2021)

Linnette (shared August 30th 2021)

Reyna (shared October 30th 2021)

Mineth (shared November 30th 2021)

Adanus (shared December 24th 2021)

Amala (shared January 9th 2022)